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Vishnu Charran

Trinidad & Tobago

Mr. Vishnu Charran is the accomplished business owner of Charran Brothers Ltd, located in Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago. He took over the management of the family run business, guiding it from humble beginnings to the respected and reputable household name it is today. Over the last 30 years under his stewardship the company continues to grow and expand.


He is a Past Representative of the Chaguanas Downtown Business Association. Being in the forefront, his initiatives with the Association brought more awareness to Chaguanas becoming known as the Shopping Centre of Trinidad and Tobago. His effort included working with the Municipal to bridge gaps in business development, and combat problems like traffic management and security in the jurisdiction; as well as improving the aesthetics of the area. This initiative to increase economic activity in the district continued when he became the President of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC).

Mr. Charran is the President of the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship – Chaguanas Chapter. The aim of the Fellowship is to reach out to the business community bringing awareness to people to be more involved in Ministry and serving God. Apart from this, he is actively involved in his church, The Assembly of God. As the Secretary to the Board of Directors at the Church, he assists in the development and growth of the church through teaching sessions and mentoring the minds of the younger generation.

Mr. Charran is currently the President of The Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce. His present course of action is to transform the business community from primarily a retail industry into a thriving manufacturing industry. Part of his work is networking and communications with Government bodies and co-operations nationwide helping build fortifying relationships. As an advocate for the private sector industry, diversifying the nation is priority; in doing so he continues to engage the state and private sector in creating and developing business prospects.

Mr. Charran’s plan is all in hope of a better tomorrow. His vision of economic and industrial development is the foundation of his interests in training and growing entrepreneurs, in fields of financial management, business development, project management and marketing.

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