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Rebuild Bahamas Initiative (RBI)

Report on Wednesday September 04th 2019

Hurricane Dorian is the most powerful destructive and deadliest Hurricane on record to ever hit the Bahamas.

In both Grand Bahama and Abaco there is Total Devastation.

  • The storm surges were so powerful that it is estimated that it came in at 15 feet high.

  • Business districts and Downtown was flooded. Buildings were severely damaged or destroyed

  • A report states that 13,000 houses, or about 45% of the homes on Grand Bahama and Abaco, were believed to have been severely damaged or destroyed.

  • Government Buildings & Banks were Damaged or Destroyed

  • It is estimated that over 60,000 persons that was impacted will need food & water

  • The Power Plants, power poles and lines were damaged.

  • The Main Hospital for Northern region in Freeport is unusable and was evacuated. Many Government Clinics are destroyed

  • Roads leading to many Settlements are impassable and roads destroyed.

  • Thousands of Vehicles flooded.

  • The Airports and landing strip still underwater

  • The University of the Bahamas Northern Campus was flooded and severely damaged

  • Hundreds of people were trapped by the Storm surge and could not be rescued until the Storm winds died down in Grand Bahama. Rescue operations began yesterday Tuesday September 03,2019.

  • Dogs, Cats, livestock and other animals dead in Storm surge

  • The bridge in Grand Bahama at the fishing hole over Hawksbill Creek was destroyed. This the only causeway that connects the Island from Freeport to West Grand Bahama

Rebuild Bahamas Initiative is a project of CILCRelief that focuses on the following strategic objectives.

  1. To partner with the IsraAid a humanitarian NGO to provide immediate solutions for Bahamas

  2. To initiate a drive that would supply construction equipment and supplies for the rebuilding of homes and roofs in the Grand Bahama and Abaco

  3. To work towards the rebuilding of minimum 2000 homes

CILC Relief Team Partners

  • Bishop Delton FernandezCILC National Representative 

  • Pastor Eddie Victor, CILC Grand Bahama representative

  • Ms Caron Shepherd  

  • Pastor Patrick Paul

  • Pastor Mario MoxeyBahamas Christian Council

  • IsraAid

CILC Relief Team on Site in Bahamas

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