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The government of Israel seeks to present an economic, innovation and technology initiative to the Caribbean similar to what it presented to African Heads of State at the recently concluded Israeli innovation and technology in Africa Event, at the UN in New York. These solutions will include but are not limited to Agricultural Innovations, Alleviating of Water Scarcity Innovations, Solar Technology Innovations, Cyber Security Innovations, Medical Innovations and many others.

The Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition (CILC) under the leadership of Bishop Andre Thomas which has recently been formed as the Caribbean arm of the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition, which has been working closely with Israel to form partnerships with the Hispanic Evangelicals worldwide and the Caribbean, recently held its first stakeholder meeting at the offices of the BIDC.

Plans are underway between Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition(CILC) with the Government of Barbados to host this 2017 event, with the lead government agency being the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation and the lead private sector agency being the Barbados Manufacturers Association. Several other Government Departments, such as Ministry of Industry, International Business and Commerce, National Cultural Foundation and Invest Barbados has now come on board. It is the intention of CILC to bring in other Barbadian and Caribbean Stakeholders. The planning and organization for this event will include invitations to Caribbean businesses through various Chambers of Commerce, Ministries of Industry and other umbrella organizations and circulation to BIDC, BCCI, BCSI BMA and Private Sector Associations.

This will present local businesses with an opportunity to form business to business partnerships and governments to form government to government partnership, thus mutually benefitting from some of the world’s leading innovations.

A date and time for schools, and general public participation will be published at a later date.

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