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By: Jane Bakewell

Economic, Cultural and Faith-based Support For Israel

Although the island states of the Caribbean are separated by water, cultural and economic ties have historically bonded the communities together. An exciting new bridge is now being built across a larger expanse of ocean through the efforts of the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition. President Bishop Andre Thomas played a key role in the organizing of the first Caribbean Israel Technology Conference held in Barbados over June 7th and 8th. The mission was simple and effective: a cross-cultural introduction and entrepreneurial exchange in business innovation and technology and a desire to strengthen the Caribbean’s support for Israel.

Over 300 businesses, governmental and church leaders from seven Caribbean nations responded to the call and were joined by representatives of nine Israeli technology companies. Add to that historic encounter a special Night to Celebrate Israel and what occurred was a “Hava Nagila” dance in the Caribbean. One the representatives from the British Virgin Islands, was Apostle Curnal P. Fahie of Transformation Church, International, a proponent of entrepreneurial businesses birthed out of the church empowering Christians to prosper in the market place.

“One of the things I realized from this conference was our need for Israel and Israel’s need for us, “ Apostle Fahie emphasized. The need for better technology, cyber security and agricultural innovation in the Caribbean are key and the biblical mandate is clear that “those who bless Israel will be blessed.” Apostle Fahie was also impressed by passion and innovative know-how of the Israeli contingent along with their friendliness and willingness to share their skill sets with others.

“We can bring our culture, use of our lands, camaraderie and love of Israel in a partnership where we offer the socket and Israel the power plug, “ he smiled. The conference offered a seed bed of sorts, where ideas could be planted for further watering. Fahie was impressed with many of the Israeli’s he met but particularly with a petite female caption in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) who exuded such confidence, capability and authority in her position in the armed forces.

The highlight for Apostle Fahie however, was the Night to Celebrate Israel.”

When the Divine Visitation Assembly praise team came out to worship, many Israeli’s joined in the praise and dance. The effect was very powerful and when the Israeli Ambassador for Barbados, Mordehai Amihai Bivas spoke, he was emotionally moved by the worship, something he had never experienced before. This just affirms one of the visions of CILC, which aside from economic goals and technology exchange is the building of faith-based and cultural ties. Israel is seeking partners for cooperation in the world and it looks like the Caribbean has extended a warm trade-wind embrace.

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