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The unprecedented rocket attacks from the terrorists group Hamas has fired a barrage of over 3,000 rockets at Israel in the past week as reported by Israel Defense Forces. The violence has continued to escalate as Israel defends herself from the attacks. Hamas’ indiscriminate launching of rockets toward population centers, along with their incitement of others to violence, places the responsibility for the current situation squarely on their shoulders.

In response to the continuing attacks, the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Security Agency have conducted a number of strikes against terror targets and Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip. This indiscriminate launching of rockets toward innocent civilians is endangering the lives of Palestinian civilians as well as approximately 20-30% of launches have landed in Gaza.

Head of Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition (CILC), Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas stated that “Caribbean Evangelicals strongly condemn the terrorist action and affirms Israel’s absolute right to defend itself from these senseless attacks. As Evangelicals we stand with Israel to have a secure homeland and her right to defend herself against all her enemies.”

We are a voice for Israel in the region and engage Caribbean people to create a firewall against the agenda to delegitimize the Nation of Israel (CILC).

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