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Mark Meyer Appel


Mark has dedicated his life to public service. In addition to being Founder and Executive Director of the Bridge MCP, Mark is also President of the Voice of Justice, a social advocacy organization. For more than two decades, Mark has been a tireless champion for the rights of children, families and entire communities throughout the City of New York. His career achievements include co-founding Community Heath and Protective Services (a Primary Care Diagnostic and Treatment Center for special needs children and their families) and helping to establish the New York State (NYS) Early Intervention Center.

A large portion of Mark’s career has been devoted to protecting vulnerable children. Over the years, he has been among the country’s leading advocates on issues which include keeping children safe from sexual abuse and exploitation; early childhood education and special education. Fully realizing how severe chronic illness can undermine the academic and personal development of at-risk youth, Mark has for many years been involved in the Health and Hospital Corporation’s Asthma Program, an initiative offering preventive care to low-income children. Mark has also served as Trustee on the NYC Mayoral Mental Health Advisory Board and has been a staunch advocate for the provision of expended mental health services. His work as part of groups such as the Health and Hospital Corporation (where he was appointed by the Mayor of the City of New York) have helped make strong inroads in reducing infant mortality rates in the city’s poorest communities while improving health services for at-risk residents of all ages and backgrounds. His various professional affiliations include membership with the American Jewish Congress, just to name a few groups.

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