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H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas

Andre Thomas is a Visionary, Bishop, Economic Leadership Coach, Economic Dignity Consultant, Thought Leader and Prolific Author. He has worked in the ministry for over 20 years planting churches, holding leadership empowerment conferences and building Bible colleges that equip visionaries to take their visions from concept to reality, his colleges have trained an excess 2,000 students in the Caribbean and Canada in theology, leadership studies and counseling.

1. Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition

Bishop Thomas serves as the President of the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition an organization with a mission to drive initiatives and facilitate efforts to create greater and closer national ties, economic development ties and faith based ties between the Caribbean and Israel.

2. The Ideas and Solutions Group Inc.

Bishop Thomas is the visionary and CEO of The Ideas and Solutions Group Inc an economic leadership development, media, publishing and education company with a mission to bring economic dignity to developing nations, wisdom resources to this generation and produce media programs that empower people.

Its subsidiaries include Economic Dignity Consulting an economic leadership training and consulting arm for developing nations: Raising Innovative Leaders a growing franchise network consisting of Raising Leaders in the Classroom and Raising Leaders in the Workplace: Greatness Publishing a Christian, educational and leadership publishing company: Let’s Talk Excellence Studios a company that produces empowering TV shows and web series.

3. Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network

Bishop Thomas is the Visionary and President of Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network an organization with a mission to influence and empower people globally from the church world to take world changing ideas and solutions from concept to reality. Its outreaches include 12 Spheres of Leadership Movement a growing movement of leaders shaping the destines of their nations with God ideas: Visionaries’ Institute an online school for visionaries: Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network Credentialing where we credential ministers of the Gospel globally

4. Divine Visitation Assemblies

Bishop Thomas is the Visionary and Bishop of Divine Visitation Assemblies a growing network of local assemblies that take people from bondage to greatness.

His books include:

1. The Organizational Visionary
2. The Gift of Political Leadership
3. 12 Spheres of Leadership (The 12 types of leaders that shape the destinies of nations)
4. Unlock Your Greatness (A Young Leaders’ Handbook)
5. Discovering Me
6. Uncommon Men and Distinguished Women
7. Seven Principles of Commonwealth Leadership
9. Discovering your Leadership Assignment
10. Preparing for your Leadership Assignment
11. Executing your Leadership Assignment
12. I Am a Leader (Inspiring Greatness in Kids)
13. The Political Visionary
14. The Journey from Brokenness to Wholeness
15. The Social Visionary
16. Leading Nations to Economic Dignity
17. Lesson from History for Policy Makers
18. Wisdom for Leadership Coaches
19. 31 Wisdom Keys to Unlock your Greatness
20. 30 Days of Empowerment to Win Life’s Battles
21. 31 Days that Will Equip You to Decode the Plan of God
22. 30 Days that Will Deepen Your Ability to Love and Be Loved
23. 31 Days that Will Make You Wiser
24. ABC’s of the Kingdom of God
25. 31 Scriptural Secrets that will Improve your Prayer Life

He is married to his soulmate and ministry partner Nina Thomas and has two daughters.

Founder/Chairman - CILC

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