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Francis Joseph

Francis Joseph


Mr. Francis Glen Joseph is an experienced administrator, construction expert, business-owner with vast knowledge with 30 years.


Being very caring and compassionate to families and communities, Mr. Joseph, started a charitable foundation Compassionate Hearts, collaborating with governments and diaspora to meet various needs. Growing up as a young boy with 14 siblings engaging in charitable work, allowed him to assist with the needs of families in various communities with a focus of giving them an opportunity to have access to education programs and supplies, food, housing needs and more.


As a draftsman, he was propelled into moving into general construction where he has constructed residential and commercial buildings both in Dominica and abroad and is the Owner of Joseph Construction Limited.


He is a key player in cricket administration across the region and President of Dominica Cricket Association, Director on Windward Island Cricket Board and Director on the Windward Island Volcanoes, where he is recognized for his execution and insightful input. He has been serving in this capacity for the past six years. Mr. Joseph led the initiative and executed the National Under 14 Cricket Tournament with a naming convention of its natural resources which is currently used across the Caribbean.

He is the founder and CEO of Starz Cricket Academy and Compassionate Hearts Foundation with his wonderful wife, Claire.


Mr. Joseph continues to inspire individuals and support leaders, as his vision speaks to become an instrument for the benefit of others in all walks of life.

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