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Danley Phillip


Having graduated from The Antigua State College in 1982 in Teacher Training, and a Certificate in Education Psychology from The University of West Indies, Danley Phillip returned to his Alma mater, The Antigua Grammar School as a Science Teacher. He taught until 1987 and then went off to the University of The Virgin Islands to pursue further studies. In 1990, he graduated with honours with a BA in Business Administration and Accounting.


After graduation, he worked at PriceWater House for about two years, then joined the staff at the Bank of Antigua as the Accountant. After several years, Mr. Phillips accepted employment at The American International Bank as Assistant Manager Operations and was0 later promoted as Manager of Finance and Accounting. From 2005, He has worked as The Financial Controller for Cable Television, Accounting Manager for AUA Medical School, and Business Development Manager for MoneyGram.

Former director of the Free Trade Processing Zone.

Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board.

Currently performing consultancy work in the area of business, accounting and finance.

Master Degree in Accounting and Finance Management from DeVry, the Keller School of Management.

Mr. Phillip is married and is the father of 3 children.

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